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Modern fish feeds are made from safe and pure raw materials. The feeds mainly contain vegetable oil, plant protein, fish oil and fish meal made from MSC-certified herring and sprat, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Raisioaqua produces fish feed mainly from Finnish raw materials for both traditional fish farming and recirculating farming. Our products are grouped into different product ranges according to fish species and farming method. All our rainbow trout feeds are suitable for ASC farming.

In addition to our Hercules, Silver, Vital and Circuit feeds, you will also find information on our small fry feeds and Grundéns protective clothing on this page. You can find all our product brochures at the bottom of the page.


In our feeds, we use known raw materials mainly from Finland and the Baltic Sea region. This is also communicated by the Baltic Blend® trademark registered for our fish feed.

Raisioaqua makes feed for different species of fish, whose specific nutritional requirements are now well understood. Our feeds are specifically developed to support fish farming in northern conditions. We also produce feeds developed for recirculating farming.

Different stages of fish growth require different feeds, with the fat and protein composition changing throughout the fish’s life cycle. The growth of small fry is mainly protein growth, which is why the protein content of fry feed is high in relation to energy. With larger fish, it is more important to meet their energy needs, which is why the fat content of their feed is higher. Phosphorus is an essential mineral for fish. The phosphorus needs of small fry are higher than those of larger fish as their bones develop, so the phosphorus content of fry feed is high.

In addition to fish feeds, our product selection includes the Growth Sonar resource planning system developed by us and Grundéns protective clothing designed for professional use.

For rainbow trout, trout and salmon

Hercules rainbow trout feeds

The nutritional content of the feeds is optimised to meet the requirements of fish of different sizes. The raw materials used are mainly Finnish fish meal made from MSC-certified Baltic herring and sprat, as well as various plant proteins, such as responsibly produced non-GMO soy protein and Finnish fava beans.

The phosphorus in plant proteins is converted into a digestible form for fish by the phytase enzyme. Thanks to this, we have been able to significantly reduce the phosphorus load from fish farming.
In the final phase of farming, the content of EPA and DHA fatty acids in the fish is increased to levels beneficial for human heart health with Hercules Opti feeds. This will also allow the farmer to enter into an agreement on the use of the Benella brand in the marketing of the fish.

Under Hercules rainbow trout feeds, there are three different product ranges.

For whitefish

Silver whitefish feeds

Silver is an environmentally friendly feed specifically designed for whitefish. The nutritional needs of whitefish differ from those of rainbow trout, as does their ability to use various feed raw materials. These factors have been taken into account in the composition of the feeds, and the farming results have been excellent.

Raisioaqua has been developing whitefish feeds since 2005, which has led to an increase in whitefish production in Finland. Raisioaqua is the clear market leader in whitefish feeds in Finland. We produce whitefish feeds from a feed size of 1.7 mm upwards.

Broodstock feeds (rainbow trout, salmon, whitefish, trout)

Hercules and Silver Ova

The whole farming process starts with the broodstock. This is why the content of our Ova feeds is designed to promote broodstock welfare and good egg production.

  • Ova feeds are rich in fish meal and fish oil
    • Excellent digestibility and the benefits of fish-based raw materials for eggs
    • The ideal fatty acid composition is transferred to the eggs
  • Very high content of astaxanthin, which is transferred from the parent to the egg, protecting it
  • Also includes the supplement package of Vital welfare feeds

Hercules Ova feeds have also proven to be superior grower feeds for trout. As a result, most Finnish trout producers use Hercules Ova as their main feed.

Trout feeding behaviour is very different from that of rainbow trout, as trout eat more in colder conditions than rainbow trout and are more susceptible to problems in warmer conditions. These considerations have been taken into account in the development of Ova feeds and justify the use of Ova feeds for trout in continuous feeding.

On special order, we produce Ova feeds from a feed size of 2.5 mm upwards.


Special feed for fish welfare

Vital welfare feeds

Vital feeds provide a special welfare package. The active ingredients are vitamin C and E, beta-glucan, nucleotides and TOP 3™. Vital feed makes fish stronger and more resistant to any stressful conditions, such as heatwaves.

Circuit feeds for recirculating farming

Our Circuit feeds for recirculating farming take into account the needs that differ from traditional farming in many ways. The Circuit feeds deliver good growth results. The special ingredients in the feed help influence the water quality in the pools and the functioning of the filters and thus improve pool hygiene.

Our Circuit feeds include four product lines designed for different fish species.

Feed for small fry at the early growth stage

Other feeds

Raisioaqua imports special feeds for the early growth stage. The Ecostart product line by the Italian company Veronesi provides a safe and effective start for small fry. For the initial feeding of even younger fish, our range includes BernAqua’s special feeds, specifically designed for the demanding early growth stage of whitefish, pikeperch and sturgeon.

At Raisio, we produce our own feeds from a feed size of 1.2 mm upwards. The ideology behind all of our recipes for fry feed is to ensure the welfare of the fry, which will allow the fish to grow well in the future as well.

Grundéns protective clothing

We also offer a range of high-quality Grundéns protective clothing for professional use. Take a look at our current selection and ask for more information.

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